DE Razor DEal

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Tired of buying the newest ripoff razors with multiple blades, and not having enough money to buy your mutt dog food? Buy the Double Edge Razor Deal - The DEal - and save tons of money. Here are the items in The DEal...

  •  Whipped Dog Double Edge Razor ($16, purchased alone)
  •  5 Razor Blades
  •  Bald frog Shave Soap ($4, purchased alone)
  •  Black pure badger hair brush ($24, purchased alone)
The razor has a "twist to open" butterfly construction for easy insertion and removal of blades. The purchase prices, when purchased individually, are shown above.
  • $39 - DEal w/ Boar Brush
  • $42 - DEal w/ Pure Black Brush
  • $42 - DEal w/ Synthetic Brush
  • $42 - DEal w/ Black/White Synthetic Brush
  • $42 - DEal w/ Black/Red Synthetic Brush
  • $42 - DEal w/ Gray/White Synthetic Brush
  • $53 - DEal w/ Silvertip Brush
  • $53 - DEal w/ High Mountain Brush


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  • Please contact for international shipping quote.
The razor blade manufacturer sold with The DEal might vary. The Bald Frog scent might also vary.
Add a blade sampler pack for $3.75.

30mm Upgrade(s)

  • $48 - DEal w/ boar 30mm shave brush (when available)
  • $53 - DEal w/ synthetic 30mm shave brush (when available)
  • $53 - DEal w/ pure black 30mm shave brush (when available)
  • $66 - DEal w/ silvertip 30mm shave brush (when available)
  • $66 - DEal w/ High Mountain 30mm shave brush (when available)