DE Razor DEal

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Quantity: 600


Tired of buying the newest ripoff razors with multiple blades, and not having enough money to buy your mutt dog food? Buy the Double Edge Razor Deal - The DEal - and save tons of money. Here are the items in The DEal...

  •  Whipped Dog Double Edge Razor ($16, purchased alone)
  •  5 Razor Blades
  •  Bald frog Shave Soap ($4, purchased alone)
  •  Black pure badger hair brush ($24, purchased alone)
The razor has a "twist to open" butterfly construction for easy insertion and removal of blades. The purchase prices, when purchased individually, are shown above.
  • $39 - DEal w/ Boar Brush
  • $42 - DEal w/ Pure Black Brush
  • $42 - DEal w/ Synthetic Brush
  • $42 - DEal w/ Black/White Synthetic Brush
  • $42 - DEal w/ Black/Red Synthetic Brush
  • $42 - DEal w/ Gray/White Synthetic Brush
  • $53 - DEal w/ Silvertip Brush
  • $53 - DEal w/ High Mountain Brush


  • Shipping included within the US.
  • Add $5 when shipped to Canada.
  • Add $7 for all other international locations.
The razor blade manufacturer sold with The DEal might vary. The Bald Frog scent might also vary.
Add a blade sampler pack for $3.75.

30mm Upgrade(s)

  • $48 - DEal w/ boar 30mm shave brush (when available)
  • $53 - DEal w/ synthetic 30mm shave brush (when available)
  • $53 - DEal w/ pure black 30mm shave brush (when available)
  • $66 - DEal w/ silvertip 30mm shave brush (when available)
  • $66 - DEal w/ High Mountain 30mm shave brush (when available)
Presently, new razor blades can be purchased from or other locations. Search for "double edge razor blades", and you will find several type double edge razors for purchase.  Prices per blade range from 10 cents to higher.