Do-it Yourself Scales

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Quantity: 602


We have new resin scales for sale. Colors are red, black or blue and they come with new pins and washers. Everything you need to get that good blade back in action. 

Each set comes with #2 pins and #3 washers.  Pin and washers are not needed for the wedge end.

Scales Color

Please specify scales color, black, red, or blue.

Pin and Washer Metal

Please specify pin and washer metal, either nickel or brass.

Scales Pricing

Scales, pins and washers cost $9 per set.  

Pins & Washers Pricing

You can order pins and washers separately.  Three (3) pins and five (5) washers cost $2.  Please specify nickel or brass when ordering.

Scale Measurements

  • Spacer Width - 2.5mm
  • Distance from pin hole to spacer edge closest to pin hole - 4.75in
  • Width of Scales - .5in to .75in
  • Total length of scales from tip to tip - 5.875in


Add $2 postage when mailed outside the US.


If you want vintage scales instead of the new scales described above, send an email to me to to inquire about availability and price.  (The price will probably be $11.)