Norton Hone Sets

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Price: $60.00

Quantity: 19


The hones on this page are made by the Norton company. I buy them as sets, then cut them in quarters. They are referred to below as "Quarter Nortons".  

As sold, they are lapped and ready for use.

These hones are cut from Norton hone sets viewable here...  or at Straight Razor Designs here... Even though it would cost me a sale, feel free to buy the full set at or In my opinion, those are good deals! However, you have to have money to save money, and saving $50 or more buying the quarter Norton, for those of us on a budget is significant. If still interested, read on...

Quarter 1.5" x 4" Norton- $60

Even though the hones are smaller than a full size hone, they are  50% larger than the average barbers hone. You will have no problem honing straight razors. Even though short X passes are possible, you will probably use more circular motions than you would with a larger surface hone.  

This "Quarter Norton" hone set includes the following items:

  • Norton flattening stone                                (1-1/2" by 4-1/2")
  • Norton Two-sided Hone 220/1000                 (1.5" x 4")
  • ---- Norton 220 grit hone               ... gray color
  • ---- Norton 1000 grit hone            ... brown color
  • Norton Two-sided Hone 4000/8000                (1.5" x 4")
  • ---- Norton 4000 grit hone            ... white color
  • ---- Norton 8000 grit hone            ... yellow color


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Buyer Comments

~"The stones, although small, had plenty of useable surface and I had no trouble with them. I used both an X stroke and a circular and there was room to do both... All in all I felt it was $50 very well spent and am looking forward to learning to do this well."  08/06/2011 2:54pm central time

~"The 1/4 Norton has been working out well. I am no expert yet but have honed several so far to shave ready, real hit and miss right now though. Some have been no problem at all, others have taken a lot more care. It's been fun so far, for the most part."  8/26/2011 5:59pm central time