Leather/Poly Strop

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Quantity: 879


The Leather/Poly strop includes two strops, one leather and the other made of a Heavyweight Polypropylene Webbing Component, each being 2 inches by 26 inches.

Make it a kit for $39. The kit will include the Leather/Poly Strop, Balsa Strop with additional abrasives, and a packet of neatsfoot oil.


  • Shipping is included within the US.
  • Add $4 to Canada.
  • Add $9 for all other international locations.

Replacement Straps

  • 2" x 26" Leather - $17
  • 2" x 26" Poly Webbing - $8

Add $2 per for postage if shipped to Canada or $3 per for all other international locations.


***Strop Returns-Strops are consummable goods. They can only be returned for a refund if they have never been used. Please do not fold or crease, as this makes them unusable also.