George Razor Builder


Do you want your razor rescaled, or maybe buy a fancy set of scales for your favorite blade?  Well, George Karabatsos is your man!  Send me an email message to  I will start a three way conversation between you, George and myself.

Scale Materials

Scales can be purchased from the following materials:

  • Wood - $39+ plus shipping
  • Micarta - $39+ plus shipping
  • Acrylic Perspex - $39+ plus shipping
  • Denim - $49+ plus shipping
  • Bone - $49+ plus shipping
  • Horn - $49+ plus shipping

The above prices are close, but approximate, depending on factors such as weight and custom features requested.  Shipping is additional.

Scale Sizes & Styles

Some scales are pre-made, and are offered for sale.  You can also specify the size, style and shap of new custom scales.

Other Services

Of course, you can send your razor to me for simple repinning.  The price is $15 alone, or $9 when combined with other purchases..  You can also send your razor to me for blade refurbishing.

I will disassemble your razor, hand sand the blade, and reassemble for $25.


Email to discuss prices.  They are reasonable!