Repinning & Rescaling

Repinning and rescaling is now offered by Whipped Dog!  The typical prices charged are...

  • $18 - Repin your straight razor
  • $28 - Add vintage scales to your straight razor and repin
  • $26 - Add DIY scales to your straight razor and repin

I do not offer custom made scales. I have a stock of vintage scales, salvaged from straight razors with ruined blades, from which blades are rescaled. I also have a few styles of new scales. If you provide your own scales, then it is the price of a repinning.

The above prices do not include honing. When combining honing with a repinning or rescaling honing starts at $20 to get your razor to shave readiness. The $20 is for a full hollow grind razor. If the razor is a near wedge add $7 more.


The above prices include postage within the US. Add $3 per razor if shipped to Canada and $5 for all other international locations.


Razor Work Form

Print off above pdf form and email me at, and tell me how many razors you are mailing. Then, mail them to the address I specify. Please include a note with your name, mailing and email addresses, and a statement of the work to be done. (A copy of the email message is helpful.)