Straight Razors Wanted

  Wanted! Straight Razors.

Sell your vintage straight razors to the Whipped Dog! Are they...

  • Vintage
  • Light on rust
  • Pins and washers and scales sound

If the above criteria are met, they will be purchased sight unseen for $15. Email Larry Andreassen at, for additional details.

Junkyard Straight Razors


Whipped Dog is buying or bartering junkyard straight razors. Details below.

Sell Option

Are you building up a stock of junk straight razors? Well, sell them to the Whipped Dog Straight Razor Junkyard. As long as they have a good blade OR  good scales, they will be purchased for $3 to $4 each.

Trade Option

Other options might be available. For example, you can send a quantity of junkyard straights, and they will be mixed and matched and rebuilt as best possible. Some will be kept as payment, and the remainder returned. The amount kept will be at the good faith discretion of Whipped Dog. Do no send any razors you prize, want to track or treasure!

Other Options

Other options are available. Make a suggestion.


Email the Whipped Dog at to discuss details.